Implantology and Occupational medicine
Module Dental prothesis

Academic Year 2023/2024 - Teacher: MARCO CICCIU'

Expected Learning Outcomes


Reaching and obtaining the optimal skills in odontostomatology and surgical management of the patient in odontostomatology. Reaching and obtaining the optimal skills in diagnosis, and surgical therapy of mucous and bone pathologies of the oro-maxillofacial district.

The teaching is designed to guide and improve the student's approach to the patient with different problems, ranging from the management of the patient with a specific surgical pathology to the patient presenting with a non-specific pathology at the level of the oral cavity or craniofacial district and which requires a therapy addressed to the symptom, as well as a diagnosis and a therapy aimed at the responsible pathology. In particular, the student must be able to have gained theoretical, scientific and professional knowledge in the field of pathophysiology, histopathology, clinic and therapy of odontostomatological alterations of surgical interest and in the surgical-rehabilitative treatment of total and partial edentulism; histopathology of phlogistic, dysplastic and neoplastic dento-maxillo-facial alterations, the physiopathology of jaw bone atrophy, physical and instrumental semiotics, clinical methodology and surgical therapy are specific areas of competence.

The course is supplemented by free student participation in local, national and international scientific events organized within the clinic, and dental surgery.

The skills acquired will lead the student to develop a critical capacity on the topics covered using the skills in an active way for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes in the surgical management of the patient in odontostomatology.

Course Structure


- Lectures accompanied by slides and movies and supplemented by discussion of the topics treated in order to train students in a critical capacity on the topics and to acquire a knowledge suitable for surical management in patients affected by specific pathologies of the gold-maxillofacial district. Final oral exam.

Required Prerequisites


Knowledge of the odontostomatological sciences. Knowledge of the pathogenesis and clinical aspects of the mucous and osseous diseases of the gold-maxillofacial district. Knowledge of anatomy, physiology, physiopathology and pharmacology

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Attendance of Lessons


- Mandatory attendance at lessons to take the exam, as per the teaching regulations of the degree course

Detailed Course Content


Surgical management with knowledge of guidelines, operating protocols related to oral surgery in odontostomatology.

In particular:

·      Drug therapy in oral surgery

·      Principles of surgical technique

·      Use of laser in oral surgery

·      Implantology: concept of osseointegration and diagnostic, surgical protocol and outline of prosthetic finalization

·      Raised floor of the maxillary sinus

·      Biomaterials used in bone regeneration

·      Advanced bone regeneration techniques

·      Piezoelectric surgery

·      Blood components for non-transfusion use in oral and implant surgery

·      Surgical endodontics

·      Ameloblastoma: clinical classification and therapy

·      Management of the patient treated with bisphosphonate

·      Management of the patients with systemic diseases

Textbook Information

Italiano e inglese

- Matteo Chiapasco: Manuale Illustrato di Chirurgia Orale. Edra Masson 2013.

- Chirurgia Odontostomatologica. SIDCO: Società Italiana di Chirurgia Odontostomatologica. Chirurgia Odontostomatologica. Edizioni Minerva Medica Torino 2015.

Learning Assessment

Learning Assessment Procedures



Public oral exam in order to ascertain the quality and level of knowledge and understanding of the course contents and the ability to apply the acquired knowledge to professional practice. The assessment will also evaluate the quality of participation in the lectures and internship of the student.

Examples of frequently asked questions and / or exercises


Gli appelli saranno consultabili sul portale studenti; per sostenere l'esame lo studente dovrà necessariamente prenotarsi tramite account online sul sito web


Esempi di domande frequenti:

·      Terapia farmacologica in chirurgia orale 

·      Principi di tecnica chirurgica 

·      Impiego del laser in chirurgia orale 

·      Implantologia: concetto di osteointegrazione e protocollo diagnostico, chirurgico e cenni di finalizzazione protesica 

·      Rialzo del pavimento del seno mascellare 

·      Biomateriali utilizzati in rigenerazione ossea 

·      Chirurgia piezoelettrica 

·      Emocomponenti a uso non trasfusionale in chirurgia orale e implantare