Information for New Enrollees in Medicine and Surgery

With regards to recovery procedures for first-semester attendance and exams for those who are still enrolling after the conclusion of the initial semester, students in this situation will be required to recover these lessons and exams in the upcoming academic year, in alignment with university regulations for attendance. To facilitate this process while enabling participation in second-year lectures, a special calendar will be proposed in due course, featuring periods of alternating weeks between first and second-year classes. Adequate scheduling for internships will also be considered.

Newly enrolled students can take Health and the Climate Challenge and Additional Language Knowledge exams in the second semester. Naturally, they must attend all prescribed modules, including those of annual courses, where they will need to fulfill attendance requirements and take exams in the next academic year. For further information, please refer to the specific regulations of the Degree Course. Additionally, study plans, along with resources recommended by instructors for exam preparation, are available on our website.

Data di pubblicazione: 22/02/2024