Teaching Offer

Scheduled Teaching

The "Scheduled Teaching" outlines the organization of the course by years and semesters. It may vary from year to year, but each student's reference remains the one for the academic year in which they started the course.

A detailed version of the Curriculum, including codes for integrated courses and individual modules, as well as the corresponding scientific-disciplinary sectors for each module, can be accessed through the link below, organized by enrollment year. A simplified and user-friendly version of the current curriculum, highlighting the 'tech" and 'future' courses characterizing this Degree Course, can be downloaded here

Academic Year of Enrolment

Supplied Teaching

The "Supplied Teaching" offer is the Didactic Plan of the courses delivered (activated) in the reference academic year. The first year refers to the cohort that enrolled in that year. The second year refers to the cohort that enrolled in the previous Academic Year, and so on. For example, the 2023/2024 cohort consists of students who enrolled in the Master's Degree in Medicine and Surgery in the Academic Year 2023/2024.

Academic Year