In-Course Orientation

Welcome to the in-course orientation and tutoring page, which provides information and assistance to all enrolled students, addressing various needs. 

Student Portal

The Smart_Edu Student Portal is the student career management platform through which administrative/educational procedures are carried out online without having to go to the University offices. To access the reserved area, simply connect to the address and enter your access credentials (tax code and PIN) or you can access with SPID or CIE. 

A web tutorial can be found here.

The platform offers features related to:

  • Admission procedures for all courses (pre- and post-graduate)
  • Career management (study plan, certificates, appeals, exams)
  • Educational services (classroom booking, internships, international mobility, transport)
  • Taxes (payments and refunds)

Importantly, you can change the language of the Student Portal (e.g., switch to English) by clicking the corresponding button in the top bar menu (i.e., the third from the left).


  • Do you need information and assistance regarding curriculum organization, study plans, prerequisites, and other aspects of teaching activities? Read the Academic Regulations here.
  • Do you need information and assistance regarding professional and qualifying internships? Contact the Internship Coordinator - Professor Filippo Sanfilippo here.
  • Do you wish to report complaints or suggestions aimed at protecting your rights? Contact the Student Ombudsman of the CHIRMED Department - Professor Gianluca Testa here or the Examination Ombudsman of the Degree Program - Professor Giorgio Russo here.
  • Do you have issues related to tutoring, teaching, or curriculum programs? Contact the Helpdesk for Curriculum Program Issues at the CHIRMED Department - Professor Gaetano Isola here.

Administrative Procedures

  • Do you need information and assistance regarding enrollment, fees, recognition of the status of a working student, athlete, or student in difficulty, graduation application, and other administrative procedures? Contact the Student Career Office - Medical Sector here.
  • Are you looking for information on how to apply for credit recognition? Consult the dedicate page here.

Support for International Students

  • Do you need information about the financial aid opportunities offered by the Italian Government and the University of Catania to international students? Check here.
  • Are you looking for Italian language and culture courses? Check here.
  • Do you need information about services offered to support students with disabilities or learning disabilities (DSA)? Contact the Center for Active and Participatory Integration here and the Department Delegate.

Mobility Programs

  • Do you want information and assistance regarding international exchange opportunities? Contact the Erasmus Coordinator for Medical Departments and Degree Programs - Dr. Giovanna Schillaci here.

Psychological Counseling

  • Do you need support in dealing with personal, relational, and study-related difficulties? See the University Counseling Service here.

Useful Documents