Training Internship

Within the educational curriculum, the student is required to acquire specific professional skills. To achieve this, the student must participate in professional training activities by attending the facilities identified by the master's degree program in Medicine and Surgery and during pre-defined periods, for a total of at least 60 academic credits.

For internship activities, 100% attendance is mandatory. The student cannot decide whether or not to attend the internship or when to attend it because it is a compulsory and scheduled activity. In case of serious and documented family or health issues preventing attendance, the student must submit a recovery request to the Coordinator of Professional Internships, Prof. Filippo Sanfilippo. This request must be submitted at the time of scheduling and not in subsequent years. Please note that in case of illness, the relevant documentation must be provided by an eligible healthcare facility within the National Health System.

At the end of each mandatory internship period, the student will be evaluated and declared eligible or ineligible. It is emphasized that the evaluation is mandatory for all internships.

Internship verbalization procedure

All students must print the facsimile of the booklet containing both the attendance register and the final evaluation sheet. A copy of the properly filled and signed booklet must be sent in PDF format to the address, indicating in the subject line: Last Name, First Name, Student ID, Year and Semester, and INTERNSHIP CODE (e.g., Smith James, L98001234, 3rd year 2nd semester, 1015263).

The booklet must be duplicated if multiple departments are attended. It is reminded that, in addition to submitting the documents within the required deadlines, it is necessary to register for exams through the student portal to allow for verbalization.

Registration must be made at the end of the internship period, when the respective exam sessions are opened.


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