Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Committee

The Quality Assurance Committee is a dedicated body tasked with ensuring and maintaining high standards of quality across various aspects of an organization or system. Its primary objective is to monitor, evaluate, and enhance processes, procedures, and outcomes to meet predetermined quality benchmarks. 

  • Prof. Davide Capodanno
Administrative Staff
  • Katia Ester Zimbili
  • Biagio Viscuso
Faculty Members
  • Davide Barbagallo
  • Filippo Sanfilippo
  • Giorgio Ivan Russo
Student Representatives
  • Sergio Bonaccorso
  • Arati Remond
  • Aryan Singh

OPIS Student Cards

The perceived quality by our students represents one of the main mechanisms for monitoring the Degree Program, its educational offerings, and services. We provide tools for our students to express judgments on perceived quality in various areas of educational activities and services through OPIS cards and internal questionnaires within individual disciplines. These tools aim to assess perceived strengths and weaknesses in the classroom during educational phases.

The University of Catania promotes a service for its students to evaluate teaching, organized and monitored by the University Quality Office. Watch the video interpreted by your peers to understand the importance of these tools.

With OPIS, you can express your opinion, highlight areas that need improvement, and actively participate in the growth of your University. It only takes a few minutes to complete OPIS, allowing you to share your feedback on the delivered educational activities (courses and exam procedures) and the services offered to you. This fosters a culture of self-assessment and accreditation. The survey is completely anonymous, always accessible, and mandatory for exam registration. You will find your card directly in your personal web page. To report system anomalies or for suggestions and clarifications about the procedure, the address opis.studenti@unict.it is always available.

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