Course Overview

Key Features

  • Degree Code: LM-41.
  • Degree: Syngle-cycle
  • Access: Programmed.
  • Admission Procedure: Admission Test.
  • Language: English.
  • Coordinator: Prof. Davide Capodanno
  • Location: Catania, Italy.
  • Department: General Surgery and Medical-Surgical Specialties.
  • Duration: 6 years.
  • Credits: 360.

MedTech Focus

In full compliance with the formative objectives characterizing the LM-41 Master's Degree class, and strictly grounded in the traditional values inherent to the medical profession, the study program aims at the formation of an innovative figure of a clinically-oriented, technologically-inclined Physician.

The key objective of this Course is to build additional professional competencies that enable graduates in Medicine and Surgery to:

  1. understand the key technologies serving disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, as well as health promotion;
  2. interact effectively with engineering graduates for the design, evaluation, and utilization of new technologies applied to medicine;
  3. comprehend the emerging healthcare challenges related to topics such as the environment, nutrition, sustainability, migrations, and prolonged conflicts.

Course Structure

The program is organized into 12 semesters, 36 integrated multidisciplinary courses and 360 Professionalized Educational Credit (CFU). All semesters of the course will include teachings aimed at enhancing the knowledge and skills of the graduate in relation to technological themes ('tech') and emerging medical challenges ('future'). 

Each Professionalized Educational Credit (CFU) corresponds to a student commitment of 25 hours. Within the standard workload of 25 hours, this may include:

  • 7 hours dedicated to lectures or equivalent educational activities, with the remainder allocated to individual study.
  • 15 hours for classroom exercises or equivalent assisted activities (e.g., laboratories), with the remainder devoted to study and personal review.
  • 25 hours of internship, focused on professional activities guided by the instructor in small groups within the reference structure and/or the territory.
  • 25 hours of individual laboratory practice or activities for the preparation of the final exam.

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