Alcantara College of Merit

The Alcantara College of Merit offers students enrolled in degree programs and doctorates at the University of Catania the opportunity to reside in an excellent, comfortable, and stimulating environment. In addition to providing meals, accommodation, and room and linen cleaning, residents are required to actively participate in a training program for the development of soft skills that complement their university education and enhance their personal growth.

A tutoring and coaching service is available for those who wish to receive support with their study plan, organization, and exam preparation.

The College, a Liberty-style villa in the center of Catania, is well-served by public transportation (BRT1 and Metro) and features study rooms, a library, Wi-Fi, a cinema room, and a music room to help make the university years productive and enjoyable in a climate of friendship and collaboration.

Thanks to INPS, Empam, and Arces scholarships, financial aid on tuition fees is available. For international students, a discount of at least 40% is guaranteed.

To be admitted, an appointment must be made, a questionnaire completed, and subsequently, an interview with the management conducted.



Tel. 095 7169638 | Cell. 393 0146837