Guidelines for Internship Certification

Dear Students,

While the professional internship in Health Informatics is ongoing, it is time to start familiarizing yourselves with the internship certification procedures. The procedure consists of the following steps:

  1. Internship attendance (currently ongoing)
  2. Signing of internship booklets by the tutor. Download the booklet from this page.
  3. Reservation of certification appointment (available on SmartEdu from June 11th to June 22nd, 2024)
  4. Completion of the OPIS questionnaire for internship evaluation (available at this address starting from June 11th, 2024. Please note that the link is currently inactive. It will be activated on June 11th.)
  5. Submission of the completed and signed booklet to the email address For the correct submission procedure, please refer to this page.

Please note that if the procedure is not followed correctly (i.e., internship attendance, certification appointment reservation, OPIS completion, and booklet submission), the certification process cannot be completed.

Students encountering difficulties are kindly requested to send an email to and/or to the Internship Coordinator, Prof. Filippo Sanfilippo.

QUICK LINKS: Internship booklet | OPIS questionnaire | Submission procedure | Internship regulation

Publication date: 05/26/2024