Internship Schedule and Venue

The internship schedule has been updated. Students are advised to review the new dates and times. The activities will commence on May 22. The designated location is the Lecture Hall Library at the Catania Polyclinic (Reading Room, Library, Building 13, second floor, Polyclinic, Via Santa Sofia 78).

This professional activity aligns with the scope of the Health Informatics course and is coordinated by Prof. Alfredo Pulvirenti. It is titled "Introduction to Python for Life Sciences". We are pleased to offer a professional course aimed at providing students with biotechnological skills, in line with the high-tech focus of the degree program.

Attendance is mandatory for 100% of the scheduled hours. The attendance recording, evaluation and registration must follow the specific procedure indicated in the Internship webpage, where students will also be able to download the attendance booklet. For further information, students may contact the person responsible for internship procedures, Prof. Filippo Sanfilippo, or the course administration offices.

Publication date: 05/17/2024