Ministerial Decree No. 1649/2023 Published

The recently published Ministerial Decree No. 1649/2023 outlines the framework for new Master's and Single-Cycle Master's degree programs. This decree directly impacts our degree course, prompting adjustments to align with its provisions by the academic year 2025/2026. The decree specifies key educational objectives, including cultural goals, essential disciplinary content, indispensable non-disciplinary cross-cutting skills, potential occupational and professional outcomes, language proficiency upon graduation, prerequisites for admission, characteristics of the final examination, and anticipated practical activities and/or laboratories.

A notable update pertains to Single-Cycle Master's programs in Medicine and Surgery (Class LM-41). Subject to a minimum reserve of 8 credits for student-selected activities, universities may also allocate an additional 8 credits for student choice within the mandatory internship credits outlined by the class for professionalized educational activities.

Publication date: 12/25/2023