Preparing for Academic Year 2024/2025

As the current academic year 2023/2024 progresses, preparations are underway for the upcoming academic year.

By March 22, 2024, the coordination of the Degree Course and the Educational Services of the Department will define the Scheduled Educational Offering.

The actual curriculum will be determined by April 30, 2024.

Subsequently, by May 30, 2024, the insertion of the first part of the data in the Quality Section of the Scheda Unica Annuale (SUA-CdS) will be completed, to be approved by June 7, 2024.

The second part of the SUA data will be completed by August 30, 2024.

The drafting and approval of the educational regulations for the Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery for the academic year 2024/2025 will be completed by May 30, 2024

Publication date: 12/25/2023